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What It Does

Multiple use cases for different business requirements.


Send documents

to mobile numbers

Send any document - bill, report, policy, statement, etc. to your customers on their mobile numbers. Get payments online.


  • Faster document delivery
  • Customer convenience
  • Save paper costs, go green

Stay In Touch With
Your Customers

Share bill, offers, menus, etc. Help them reconnect with you online/offline. Stay in touch in a personalized, non intrusive manner even after they leave the store.


  • Drive repeat sales
  • Easy, ongoing feedback for every store
  • Explore new revenue opportunities

Business Benefits

Increase Sales

Increase in repeat sales - store visits, orders on phone & online traffic.
Get up to 10% revenue impact.


Delight Your Customers

Easy & fast access to important company & transactional information. Greater loyalty and brand positioning for digital consumer. 

Lower Costs

Save paper printing and delivery costs. Reduce expenditure on customer service, go green and get faster payments.

Salient Features

Go Live Fast
APIs to enable integration with Email, POS, ERP systems. Many of our clients have gone live in less than a day.

Flexible and Customizable
Our solution can be customized by segments relevant to your business. Easy to change as your requirements evolve.

Cloud based solution to address needs of single location stores to large multi-location enterprises with millions of customers.

Dashboard Reporting
Real-time data and  insights on your Wondermail dashboard to make informed business decisions - make your data make an impact.

Simple Pricing
Our simple pricing structures are affordable for every business. Also get free support to help you at your every step.

Safe & Secure
Industry standard technologies like SSL2. You don't have to worry about security & data privacy, that's how enterprises rely on our solutions.

Transform your customer communication with Wondermail.

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